Spring Break in St. George, Again?!

In Utah, Spring is a loose term filled with snowflakes and rain. That’s why St. George is a popular Spring Break destination, the weather is great. Popularity can bring repetition, and this may be your 3rd or 4th year heading down south. So, if you’ve made this trip before and are wondering what you haven’t done yet, here’s some local hot spots that we like to keep under wraps.

1. Red Reef Trail

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   This hike is about 10 minutes north of town and is great for families of all sizes. Easy enough for young kids and exciting enough for older ones (and parents too!).

Click here for directions Red Reef Trail.

2. LaserMania

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   Heading West on the boulevard you’ll see a sign pointing to turn into Laser Mania, right behind Steamroller Copies and wonder what could be back there? It may be hidden, but the adventure is full force. It has black light mini golf, laser tag, bumper cars and more. Hidden= Less busy. Click here for prices Laser Mania.

3. Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum

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   On the South side of town, connected to the Dixie Convention Center, is the Rosenbruch Museum filled with real life displays of over 300 animals. Looking is fun, but they also have an interactive children’s gallery and insect room. Click for more info Rosenbruch.

   St. George IS the best place for Spring Break, so let’s create memories with these new adventures. We’ll help you plan ahead so you can book the ideal rental with us at Escape.